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Strawberry Açaí Rosé Spritzer Recipe
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ストロベリーアサイー ロゼスプリッツァー レシピ・作り方

Carly of Fit Living Eats の爽やかなストロベリー アサイー ロゼ スプリッツァーで暑さを吹き飛ばし、くつろぎましょう!オリジナルのアマゾン エナジーで作られたこの夏のスプリッツァーは、アサイーとイチゴのフレーバーのヒントがあり、さわやかでおいしいです。完全なレシピを読み続けてください!

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SAMBAZON | Your favorite Açaí brand | Certified Fair-Trade | Certified Organic | Delicious Powers

Discover SAMBAZON - an acronym for SustainAble Management of the Brazilian AmaZON

Fuel Your Passion with Açaí featuring Coco Ho

We are honored to have Hawaiian Surfing Legend Coco Ho as a part of our SAMBASSADOR team.

The SAMBAZON Difference: Organic & Fair Trade Açaí

From the beginning, SAMBAZON was as much about giving back to the community of farmers and protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon as it was providing this delicious, nutritious food to the world.

How to Make an Açaí Bowl with Earthy Andy featuring Coco Ho

One of the most common questions we get asked here at SAMBAZON is "How do I make an Açaí Bowl with a thick and creamy consistency"?