NaturallyZuzu's Pineapple Blueberry Açaí Bowl

I'm celebrating with a delicious @SAMBAZON Açaí bowl. I love SAMBAZON Açaí because it tastes absolutely amazing. I feel so energized after having a bowl of Açaí before or after my workout. It’s packed with so many nutritional benefits like omegas, antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. Perhaps that’s why Açaí is known as a superfood!

NaturallyZuzu's Pineapple Blueberry Açaí Bowl

Not all Açaí brands are the same. SAMBAZON prides itself for being Fair Trade and it’s more than just certification.  

Each time I purchase a SAMBAZON product, I feel good knowing I am helping communities that live in the Amazon. Because SAMBAZON invests a percentage of profits to support the local communities by building schools, libraries and other vital infrastructure. 

Here is my recipe for the most delicious Açaí Bowl.



2 packs of SAMBAZON Frozen Organic Açaí Superfruit Packs 

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries 

1/3 cup frozen peach or pineapple

6 oz of coconut water


Blend everything until smooth and serve your Açaí bowl with your favorite toppings.

Zuliya Khawaja

Creator of @NaturallyZuZu

Zuliya Khawaja is a plant-based chef and creator of @naturallyzuzu and She shared energizing, plant-based recipes and healthy eating habits that her family enjoys on a daily basis. Her goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in their diet without feeling the least bit deprived.

Together we Açaí

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