Açaí Superfood - What Makes Açaí a Superfood?

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Açaí Superfood - What Makes Açaí a Superfood?

Açaí continues to gain popularity, but what exactly is it about Açaí that makes it a superfood? Get all the details you need to know from SAMBAZON!


What Makes Açaí a Superfood?


Açaí has become a household name in recent years and is continuing to grow more and more popular. This rise in popularity is not just because of its delicious and unique flavor and the variety of ways that it can be prepared, but also because of its perceived “superfood” health benefits.


So -- Is Açaí really a superfood?


SAMBAZON, known as the best Açaí brand, has collected all of the available information about the Açaí health benefits so that you can decide for yourself!

What are Açaí Berries and Where Do They Come From?


Açaí is more than just your average berry, it is a nutrient-packed Amazonian berry that has long been a staple of indigenous diets. Fresh Açaí berries will not be found in the produce section of grocery stores since the berries themselves have a short shelf life. They are instead sold as a frozen fruit puree or pressed juice.


The unique, exotic flavor of Açaí is something in between mixed berries, dark chocolate, and red wine, providing a savory, diverse flavor that has made it such a popular base for smoothies.


From the beginning, SAMBAZON has been committed to giving back to the community of farmers and protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon. In order to do so, we created our own responsibly managed supply chain of Certified Organic and Fair Trade Açaí that ensures the Açaí comes directly from the palm of the tree to the palm of your hands.


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Nutritional Properties


Açaí is known for being nutrient dense, most notably the antioxidants, fiber, and omega vitamins that it provides.  



Açaí is high in antioxidants.. Why are antioxidants so important? They tackle free radicals and can help keep your defenses high.

Fiber & Heart Healthy Fats


The fiber and heart healthy fats found in Açaí are said to have a positive nutritional  impact. According to the FDA, incorporating fruits into your diet that are high in fiber can reduce risk of coronary heart disease.


Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9


Açaí is packed full of the healthy Omegas 3, 6, and 9 which are the champions of heart and brain health.



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So what do you think, is Açaí a superfood?

SAMBAZON’s Açaí is the highest quality and made with love. We are  the first USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified Açaí company. Our Açaí is and will always be Certified Organic and Fair Trade — just the way nature intended it.

Our Frozen Açaí Packets, Fresh Açaí Juices and premade Açaí Bowls are available at both your local grocery retailer and directly from our website. Shop our organic Açaí products for healthy and delicious meals and snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Açaí Good For You?

Açaí is known to be extremely good for you. It is high in antioxidants, low in sugar, and packed full of healthy Omegas 3, 6, and 9.

What Does Açaí Do For Your Body?


Açaí has dozens of amazing health benefits due to being remarkably high in antioxidants and containing many trace vitamins and minerals.  To ensure that you are receiving the highest quality Açaí, try SAMBAZON’s Organic and Fair Trade Certified products.


Is Açaí Worth the Hype?


Açaí has gained popularity globally and is known for improving health and well being. Its unique flavor has made it a staple in smoothies, bowls, and juices for many. Though we think it surpasses the hype -- you should decide for yourself. Check out our Açaí products and favorite recipes.

How Do You Eat Açaí?


Our favorite way to eat Açaí is in a bowl or smoothie using one of our frozen Açaí puree packets. For Açaí recipe ideas, check out our customizable recipes!

Where Can I Buy Açaí?


Our Frozen Açaí Packets, Fresh Açaí Juices and premade Açaí Bowls are available at both your local grocery retailer and directly from our website. Check out our Store Locator to find your most convenient location! If you can’t wait and want Açaí delivered today, you can add it to your online cart at Target & Amazon Fresh!



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