7 Ways to Practice Self-Love

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7 Ways to Practice Self-Love

There is an incredible amount of hype and commercialization around Valentine's Day, and sometimes the day can feel a bit inauthentic. Especially for those that are single, or just not interested in celebrating. That's why we're bringing it back to showing love to the most important person in your life - YOU. Because if you're not showing yourself love, it's pretty hard to put the best version of yourself out into the world. Here are our tips for practicing the kind of self-love that will fill you up so you can love generously and spread those good feelings to everyone around you.

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1. Eat Amazon Superfood

Are you surprised this is first on our list? Eating Açaí is our favorite way to show ourselves the right kind of love. The kind of love that tastes delicious and feels even better. Might we recommend a delicious Ready to Eat Açaí Bowl, so you have even more time to tackle the list of self-love practices below?

2. Make something beautiful

One of the best ways to practice self-love is by getting your creative juices flowing. Making something beautiful, whether it's working on a drawing, practicing a piece of music, or even crafting an Açaí bowl will make you feel accomplished upon completion. The best part of getting artistic with an Açaí Bowl recipe? Getting to eat something delicious when you're finished.

3. Take it slow

In our constantly on-the-go culture, it can be hard to slow down. Taking (at least!) one night a week to power off those electronics, roll out the yoga mat, and focus on slowing down the racing back and forth of your mind between all of your to-do's can really help ground you. If yoga's not your jam, draw a bath full of bubbles and soak in the quiet. And if that's not your thing either, reading a few pages of a book before bed is a great way to calm the mind too.

Ella Yoga

4. Get Moving

This might seem in opposition of our Tip #3: To Take it Slow. However, getting your move and groove on is sure to boost your attitude. Take a walk, go for a surf, do a little samba, or just about anything to get the blood flowing and release those endorphins. Movement provides us with an outlet for self expression and strengthens our connection with our bodies. You're sure to love yourself even more when you're treating your body right. Need a kickstart? Try one of our organic and natural Açaí Energy Drinks to give you the boost you need to get moving.

5. Be good to yourself

This one can mean so many different things! But the main one we want to highlight is being kind to yourself. Whether you were late to a meeting, got a parking ticket, or just had a bad day, remember to let go of the frustrations that have built up. Imagine the tension of the day leaving your body with each exhale, and forgive yourself. Remember, we're only human!


6. Breathe in the great outdoors

Going into nature and taking a deep breathe is pretty much the ultimate cheat code to feeling more in tune with your inner self. There is just something magical about walking barefoot on grass or in the sand, breathing in some fresh air, and watching the sun tuck itself in over the horizon. If you're looking for the perfect way to practice some self-love, one of our favorites is grabbing a pint of Frozen Açaí Sorbet and a snuggly blanket and settling in at your favorite viewpoint to watch the sunset. Now that's the kind of sweet indulgence that is sure to spread the love!

7. Enjoy the present

We can all get caught up in worrying about the future, in fact, most of us do it on a daily basis. What is important is to remember to slow down and pay attention to the present moment. All we have is the moment we're in, so you might as well enjoy it to its full potential. 

In conclusion: Love your, self. Love your, neighbor. Love your, planet. Whatever you love, love generously. The world needs it right now. 

Kirra Bixby

Kirra Bixby is the Omni-Channel Marketing Manager at SAMBAZON and has been working in digital marketing for 7 years. Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism at the University of San Diego has provided her with a wealth of writing experience for different platforms and publications. Kirra is a lover of the outdoors, adventure, and all things Açaí, and enjoys sharing her perspective through digital media.



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